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I suppose this would be slightly an introduction, and a little bit more on my current interests in the cosmos.

Very quickly, I'd like to point out that, even though there seems to be little activity, I will try to post my thoughts, as they come. And, since I'm neither a student in these fields, nor a brilliant science or physics major, my understanding of anything is a little limited. So any mistakes I will most certainly make, please feel free to correct me.

Anyway, though, I've been recently reading this amazing book called Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos. This hasn't been my first introduction to the universe to be sure, but I've found it to be quite an interesting book. It's interesting how most of our knowledge of the known universe comes from what little we do know. It seems like a lot of it comes from people spouting out ideas, and then finding an equation to back it up, which works until more of the universe is discovered.

When I first found out that the universe is expanding, and quickly, I was startled. The idea that the universe is "exploding" and still is, and has yet to, if ever, slow down, is a little intimidating.

I haven't yet come across anything in the book relating to "the Great Attractor", so it might not be in this particilar book, but that's also something I'd like to know more about. Of course, last I'd heard, it had been disproven? I don't know enough to say for sure...

Perhaps our universe is just expanding out to another, larger universe...

Anyway, that's my ramble-ish thing for now...

Thank you


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